Our Team

Sarah Joice became Clinical Director of PEAK Physiotherapy Limited in November 2005. All of the physiotherapists here at Yorkshire Neuro Physiotherapy are personally recruited and carefully selected based upon their knowledge, experience and personal attributes.

Here is our team...

Chris Newbery, MCSP

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Chris graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy, and he joined the team at Yorkshire Neuro Physiotherapy in 2016. In the six years since qualifying, Chris has gained significant experience across a variety of different clinical areas within the NHS and specifically within Neurology and Stroke Physiotherapy. Chris has worked within three different NHS trusts and continues currently with this work in a Senior NHS role, alongside his private work with our team. 

His experience covers a broad range of neurological conditions and presentations. Chris is a proactive therapist who is keen on developing therapy approaches. Most recently, within his current NHS role, he introduced the use of hydrotherapy for stroke patients, a form of rehabilitation that he is passionate about. Whether treating a client in hospital, in clinic or at their own home, Chris feels comfortable to adapt his treatment approach for any setting.

Always ready to expand his knowledge, Chris has undertaken post-graduate training in specialist techniques specific to his area of practice, including the Introductory Bobath course and other courses relating to the management of ataxia, high and low tone, pushing and neglect with stroke clients. Keen to always leave a positive impact, Chris enjoys spending time with the family of his clients and ensuring that he fully understands his client's goals, so that he may tailor his treatment accordingly. 

Outside of work, Chris enjoys CrossFit, running, drinking coffee with his wife, and being taken for a walk by his boisterous black labrador. If any of Chris' patients have a dog, he sees that as a bonus!

Victoria Murray, MCSP

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Victoria graduated from York St John’s University in 2008 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Following a number of years working in the NHS gaining experience within different physiotherapy disciplines, she specialised in Neurology.  In 2013, she took on the role of sole physiotherapy provider for a Specialist Unit, providing individually tailored treatments and rehabilitation programmes for a range of neurological condition including stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, but primarily Traumatic Head Injury.

This experience has strengthened her passion for neurological rehabilitation and she is an advocate and firm believer in maintaining and optimising an individual’s function.

Post-graduate training has included the Introductory Bobath course (modules 1, 2 and 3) and a variety of equipment and postural management training programmes.

Victoria has a diverse, eclectic outlook when it comes to her treatment approach, and is able to modify her practice to suit individuals, regardless of their condition or disability. Her understanding and accumulated knowledge also allows her to be adaptable and apply her knowledge to other areas of physiotherapy including Elderly Care, gait re-education and general postural/mobility problems.

She currently works for the NHS on a part-time basis providing specialised postural management prescription and advice. This also runs alongside her work with the Motor Neurone Association and Headway Brain Injury Association, Second Chance.

When she is not working, Victoria enjoys spending time with family and friends, and in particular enjoys long walks with her four-legged friend. She professes to enjoy DIY but in fairness will admit to regretting the ideas at a later date!

Rebecca Cooke, MCSP

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Rebecca graduated from York St John University in 2012 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. In the five years since qualifying, Rebecca has gained significant experience across a wide variety of different clinical areas within the NHS, specialising in Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation. Rebecca has worked within four NHS Trusts in London before relocating back up North in January 2017, where she is continuing to work in the NHS in a specialist physiotherapy role.

Rebecca has a passion for Neurology and her experience covers a wide range of neurological conditions including: Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Traumatic Brain Injury. Rebecca is a passionate and innovative therapist who is committed to providing the best possible physiotherapy practice for her clients. Furthermore, she is able to adapt her treatment approach to any clinical setting.

Rebecca has completed post graduate training in a variety of areas including the introductory Bobath courses (modules 1, 2 and 3), Specialist Functional Walking, Primitive Reflex courses, and attending the ACPIN INPA International Conference.

Outside of work Rebecca enjoys running, HIIT training, and socialising with friends and family. She joined the team at Yorkshire Neuro Physiotherapy in June 2017 and works with her clients in both a clinic setting and on a domiciliary basis.

Anna Love, MCSP

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Anna graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy. In the years since qualifying, Anna has gained significant experience across a variety of different clinical departments within the NHS and specifically within Neurology and Stroke Physiotherapy. Anna continues to work in a Senior NHS role, alongside her private work with our team.

 Always ready to expand her knowledge, Anna has undertaken post-graduate training relevant to her area of practice, including literature reviews on fractured femurs in neurological conditions, dementia training, safeguarding children, and training on Regional Spinal Injuries physiotherapy management. Anna has also regularly attended the Naidex Disability Living Conference and the Yorkshire Back Exchange regional meeting and study days.  She is a member of APCIN (the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Neurology) and is also qualified as a Manual Handling Link Worker.

 In 2014 Anna worked overseas, completing a placement at Mahidol University and Hospital in Thailand. Whilst there, she completed some research into the expectations of therapy and where physiotherapy services sit within healthcare.

Outside of work, Anna used to play Rugby Union to a high level. Anna also enjoys running, baking novelty cakes and long walks with her naughty dog Poppy. She joined the team at Yorkshire Neuro Physiotherapy in September 2017 and works with her clients in both a clinic setting and on a domiciliary basis.

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